Marc Shaffer
Principal and Financial Advisor

"My favorite place to be is 1,000 miles from civilization with nothing but a backpack and hiking shoes."

For many years, my mentor invited me to attend an international trip, but I always made the excuse that I didn’t have enough time or money. One year, I decided to give in and accept the invitation, and it changed my life. I was wrong about not having the time or money; you can make money and find time. What you can’t make are the experiences, memories and adventures you hold yourself back from.

Life is about getting out of your comfort zone. I made a commitment to myself that I will make annual international travel a priority and push myself into new adventures, from hiking in remote areas and trying new food to learning about cultures different than my own and traveling with others who want to experience a world bigger than themselves. Knowing how much my passion means to me helps me help others incorporate the same into their financial journey.

I love being a catalyst for change in people’s lives. I try to uncover what would most help anyone I’m speaking with, and introduce them to people or ideas that could help them. Being in the financial planning industry allows me to live out my passion of helping people through my work, while also helping them work toward a strong financial foundation to support their passions.

One thing I’m doing to build into my community: I enjoy working on membership recruitment in all organizations I’m involved in, so I recruit people to support causes and give back to our community. I’ve sponsored over 20 members into the Overland Park South Rotary Club.

Outside of work, my passions include: hiking and international travel, the Overland Park South Rotary Club, Kansas State events – Go CATS, the Growing Futures Early Education Center, and the Greater Kansas City Financial Planning Association.

One goal I’m saving for: free time to travel the world.

The best thing I’ve done to advance my career knowledge: I keep learning and keep meeting new people who are further ahead in their profession for advice and mentoring.

How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet? No pair of shoes is older than a year. My wife, on the other hand, keeps all shows which makes up for me not keeping any.

Best concert you ever attended? Dave Matthews Band at Sandstone Amphitheater

Absailing in South Africa
Hiking in Bhutan
Supporting K-State at Annual Wabash Cannonball Event

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