Are you looking for a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities and functions within an independent RIA firm?

An internship with the Searcy group of companies exposes students to a broad range of responsibilities. You will be trained on both the "why" and "how" of firm operations, before carrying out these responsibilities which may include new client set-up, set-up and maintenance of financial plans, ongoing account maintenance and client service requests, investment research and reporting, and supporting firm-level initiatives. We pride ourselves on being a strength-based firm, so personal development and mentoring will be a good portion of the internship experience. You will also learn the requirements necessary for future positions and career paths within the firm.

Note: Full-time positions are limited and in high demand, so dress to impress and put your best foot forward during your time as an intern.

If you are interested in an internship position, click the link below and complete each step of the application process:


Succession & Continuity
Planning For Investment AdvisorssucessionSitting

Are you looking to build a continuity plan for your business or to build a succession plan for your practice?

According to industry research, the average age of wealth managers has crept past 55 years and yet less than 10% of advisors have succession plans in place. Failure to adequately plan can lead to disruption in client service, irreparable damage to the business reputation, and vulnerability of your spouse, children and other dependents. A continuity plan protects the interests of the firm in the event of a catastrophe while a succession plan provides for the future of the firm, such as an owner’s retirement. If you don’t have an internal continuity or succession plan, please visit us at for more information.


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