Frequently Asked Questions

How do I establish an account with Allos Investment Advisors, LLC ?

Start with the Allos Risk Assessment. When the risk assessment is completed, we will contact you to help you open an account with us.

Are there financial incentives for you to recommend certain financial products?
Do you take custody of, or have access to my assets?
Are my assets pooled with other investor funds?
How often do you review my investments?
Can I get money out of my account quickly in case of an emergency?
How often will I receive statements on my account?
Can I have duplicate statements sent to another family member, advisor, CPA, attorney or trusted party?
Can I see my account online?
Since I can see my account online, will I also be able to trade it myself?
What if I want to close my account? Will I have to pay a penalty?
How do I pay for your services?

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