johnfales 1000John C. Fales
Principal, Lead Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer

"I’m a Financial Planner who can fold the perfect jean."

Two of my first jobs were working as a cashier at Food Lion and as a sales associate at American Eagle (hence the folding skills). These were my first engagements with serving people and I thrived on making connections and helping fulfill needs.

You see, my childhood was spent moving around because we were a military family. From Missouri to Washington to North Carolina, I always had to make new friends and was forced outside of my comfort zone, which really helped shape my personality and interest in people. I thought I would channel that interest in helping people and become a doctor, but I seemed to gravitate toward the business side of any job I’ve had. After an interest was sparked through finance coursework during my time at the University of Kansas, I realized there was a better fit for me in helping people with their financial lives.

My household was strict, but I learned discipline and developed a good work ethic. One thing I was encouraged to do, and which I encourage my clients to do now, is live life at every stage of the game while balancing saving for tomorrow. We were always fiscally responsible, and budgeted so that we could gain experiences through international travel. My first international trip was to the Philippines when I was 8 and my graduation gift from high school was a trip to Peru to visit family members who were there on an archaeological dig.

My wife and I continue to have a long bucket list for travel and hope to give our future children the ability to experience different cultures. I continue to seek out eye-opening opportunities, wherever they may come from, and hope it helps me have a broader perspective when helping others.

One thing I’m doing to make the world better: I’m a member of Rotary, and one of our main global initiatives is to eradicate Polio. They help make the world better on a global scale, and I get to be part of the efforts on a local level as part of the Waldo Brookside chapter.

Outside of work, my passions include: Travel, spending time with my wife, Ellen and our dog, Clark, playing & watching sports, volunteering, being a connector of people, and KU basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk).

If there was one store that could make you spend too much money, what would it be? PetSmart

How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet? 15 years, and they’re the first pair of Rainbow sandals I ever bought. Over time, they conform to your feet and become the most comfortable pair of shoes ever.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter the financial industry? Be open to being mentored. Learn from people who’ve been in the industry and get more than one perspective because there isn’t just one right way to do something or one avenue/path to take. Be open to continuous learning because the industry is ever evolving and changing, and you have to stay on top of where it’s headed.

Engagement photoshoot in Atlanta, GA
Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru
Ellen and I at our wedding in Atlanta, GA

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