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This free online resource allows you to consolidate and track your credit card debt, explore options, and make and follow a plan to eliminate it. The tool can be used on the web or your phone. Ready For Zero collects all of your debt information in one place, customizes a program for you and gives you detailed reminders every month to help you take action to get out of debt faster. Clicking the link will take you to Ready For Zero’s website.
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Financial Resources for Women

Women today make up half of the professional work force and are found to buy or influence 80% of all consumer purchases in the United States yet they continue to lag behind men when it comes to managing their personal finances. According to a 2006 Prudential financial poll,80% of women say that they plan to depend on Social Security to support them in their golden years and 38% of women 30-55 years old are worried they will live at or near the poverty level because they cannot adequately save for retirement. So even today–despite coming so far in many ways–too many women are still ignoring their finances. LearnVest provides easy-to-understand financial information, resources and checklists tailored to meet women’s needs. Clicking the link will take you to LearnVest’s website.


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